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Candidate Advisory Commitee

Nominations are now open

Nominations for the current intake will close on Feb 7, 2022

The Candidate Advisory Committee is formed by FHR labour hire candidates, who regularly meet online to discuss ways in which FHR can better meet the needs of candidates and job seekers. The Committee is a contact-point with employees and the industry in general, and members are responsible for representing the experiences of themselves and their peers.



This arrangement provides candidates with the ability to develop and showcase leadership skills, while providing FHR an opportunity to improve its candidate care programs and messaging in line with candidate needs.

Eligible FHR labour hire employees can be nominated to join the committee.

Why join the committee?

  • Demonstrate leadership skills and boost your CV
  • Represent the needs of candidates and make a difference
  • Receive formal recognition for your service to the industry

Committee Members receive

  • A listing on the FHR website for the length of their term
  • A certificate on successful completion of their term
  • A written reference on successful completion of their term
  • Financial compensation for committee meetings

Committee Member expectations

  • Attend all meetings during your term on committee.
  • Maintain a professional standard as a representative of FHR.
  • Uphold the committee code of ethics
  • Continue to meet the expectations of your role with FHR.

Nomination and Appointment

  • You can self-nominate or be nominated by an employee of FHR
  • Appointments are to be confirmed by the FHR upper management
  • FHR has full discretion over confirmed appointments.


The initial term length for the Candidate Advisory Committee is 3 months. Candidates may remain on the committee for a maximum of 2 consecutive years

To place your nomination: click here and complete the nomination form.


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