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FHR has been training and employing apprentices for over 20 years, placing them with host businesses for a variety of projects or requirements.

We use the Group Training model, by which we cover the hiring, employment, training, and payroll responsibilities associated with an apprentice. Host employers can access apprentices when needed, for a couple of months or the whole apprenticeship.

With decades of local experience, we can help you find the right people for the job, when you need them.

Do you need qualified workers to complete your trade jobs?

We offer apprentices of all levels, plus fully qualified tradespeople.

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We use the Group Training model

By using the group training model:

  • An organisation, such as FHR, hires the apprentice.
  • We provide the apprentice to you, the host employer, as a contractor at a fixed rate.
  • We assume the employer responsibilities, allowing you to hire apprentices without the administrative headaches and multi-year commitment.
  • Since 2001 we have hired and trained over 2,000 apprentices, matching them with work placements and companies large and small.

Apprentices when you need them, for as long as you need them

Enjoy the flexibility of short- and long-term placements, tailored to your business requirements.

Maximise your efficiency with position-matched apprentices at all levels of their apprenticeships.

Work with top-tier talent. We have relationships with pre-trade qualification education groups, including exclusive access to several TAFEs. We manage talent sourcing and aptitude tests, to ensure the success of each apprentice.

FHR is with you every step of the way, providing regular site visits, support, and advice. Every apprentice receives professional development and mentoring from qualified tradespeople and experts.

You pay a consolidated invoice, based on actual hours worked by the apprentice


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