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Multiple new apprentice roles available in Victoria & South Australia

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Starting an apprenticeship is your first step into a rewarding career. Earn a salary, while gaining on-the-job experience and completing a nationally recognised qualification.

FHR works across a number of key industries, including electrical and plumbing apprentices. We have trained over 2000 apprentices in the last 20 years.

We also offer free career support, to help you determine a career pathway that suits your strengths and goals. Completing a pre-apprenticeship gives you the opportunity to trial an industry before committing to your full apprenticeship.

We offers school pathways for Year 10, Year 11 and Year 12, to give students a head-start while allowing you to complete school at the same time.

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We use the Group Training model

The Group Training model gives you the ability to work on a range of unique assignments, while maintaining consistent employment throughout your whole apprenticeship. Apprentices gain comprehensive experience from multiple host employers to help become a more well-rounded tradesperson.

Since 2001 we have hired and trained over 2,000 apprentices, matching them with work placements and companies large and small.

Why choose FHR?

Get paid as you learn, with experience across a wide variety of work sites.

Learn from multiple host employers (including small companies and national brands).

Professional development & mentoring from qualified tradespeople and experts.

Dedicated support from an established team, to ensure you are paid on time each week.

Work towards a nationally recognised qualification

Supported off-the-job training via a TAFE or RTO.

Start on a pathway to become your own boss


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