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Industrial Relations & H.R.

Frontline Human Resources assist companies manage the lifecycle of their employees - from recruitment to departure.

To succeed and prosper, companies must manage their resources well - especially people. This highly specialised area needs experienced care, and this is where Frontline Human Resources steps in.

With the backing of industry leaders Steve Bisshopp and Perry Zoelfel, FHR brings decades of tested expertise to industrial and blue collar companies. Our impressive ledger of current clients stretches as far back 2002, with many a success story to share. Through reliable and honest consulting, our clients have overcome management problems, created sustainable business growth, and moved from opportunity to opportunity.

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Specialist HR, IR &
Work Place Advice

Frontline Human Resources are specialists in assisting with advice and solutions in relation to a range of employee relations matters in the new environment of the Fair work act.

Workplace Agreements

Advice regarding the development and implementation of Australian workplace agreements and common law contracts. Clients may also ask about workplace bargaining, enterprise bargaining, or engaging the Fair Work Ombudsman.


Compliance and litigation advice, and support, plus advice on developments and new legislative obligations. Clients often ask how to keep up with IR legislation changes, how will IR laws affect my business, or questions about the industrial relations act.

Staffing Issues,
including terminations

Compliance and litigation advice, and support, plus advice on developments and new legislative obligations. This may include guidance on unlawful termination, redundancy rights or notice period, Fair Work Australia, disciplinary action, or access to a notice of termination template.

Change Management

Advice and provision of services that manage the organisational change process from start to finish, including termination and redundancy assistance. Support may be provided in developing a change management strategy, change management process, or a change management framework.

of Employment

Drafting new or reviewing existing employment contracts to enhance your legal position and to ensure compliance with legislation. We can advise on writing an employment agreement, terms of employment, fixed term contract, temporary contract, or labour hire agreement.

and Wages

Advice on relevant awards and minimum wages applicable in your particular industry. This includes gross salary, pay scale, holiday entitlement, annual leave accrual, loading, paid parental leave, and hourly rates as determined by Fair Work.

Policy Development
and Review

The development of new company policies and procedures on HR related matters. We can review and update your existing HR policies and procedures, including flexible working, overtime, whistleblower policy, remote work policy, workplace grievance, and leave policies. We can support the creation of employee handbooks.

Job Descriptions

We work with you to review existing position descriptions or develop new ones - to make them easier to understand and enhance your position in certain legal situations.

Workplace Training

Industrial Relations Training in business is critical to the economic development and the well being of your business. IR training on employment and industrial relations issues in Australia can protect and support your organisation.

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